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The Goddess prayer flags were a gift from the spirit world, brought to birth by Sheya Jordan. They emerged from several years of intensive healing, prayer process and wilderness fasting. It was a long, beautiful labor and a Life changing process... Midwived by Salt Spring Island and the grandmother spirits, blessed by helpful friends, trees, children and animals, the prayers came out full of their own Life and purpose. The flags immediately began traveling all over the world through a web of amazing people and  natural marketing. Sheya dreams they will fly everywhere as banners of Life honoring culture, inspiring art miracles, holy human celebrations and sanctuary for all...

The Sacred Woman / Sacred Earth flags came from great Love for us , a natural prayer response .. They intently call in protection, reverence and abundance for all our Goddess family...They now do fly all over the world!. reports have been heard back form africa, australia, argentina, new zealand, mexico, costa rica, poland, ireland, england guatemala, and lots in canada and america..

we have a wonderful project of gifting a set to a women’s shelter or prison for every 13 sets sold..YES !

The journals came from the desire to acknowledge and promote the many great women artists in my world whose work I love, who were seeking sustainable ways of marketing their art to free their time for painting.. we have strong appreciation for the power and magic of journalling. How wonderful to be showcasing this beauty to the world while providing an affordable, useful place for people to express their own creativity. Like fairy godmothers, we bless all the journals with wishes for their people to have deep inspiration and art / genius breakthroughs.

Next creative baby is our business blessing. We made this originally as a gift for our clients... arising from hearts desire to directly energize and honor the wonderful work of entrepreneurs. Yeay for conscious business people!

Then came Remembering He..*see what’s a myn?*This project took nearly a year to birth, co-creating with my dear friend Forrest Boden, as the spirits had asked..

Next came Birthing prayer and Farmers flag. Many thanks to Elizabeth Auers, Christina Richard, and Naomi Lewis for their generous  and genius art in these sacred projects!

We imagine this: that the Mother of All guided this project and these creations... Her hearts desire and Lovepower is behind them. This too; Her land and nature spirits will receive and be nourished by these prayers...  each of our artists will be abundantly rewarded and encouraged to continue creating,,,  and that everywhere our  prayer flags go will experience a true empowerment of: Art, Safety, Prosperity and Loving Light.

Sheya Jordan continues to live as a dreamer and art spirit devotee on Salt Spring Island. She mothers her marvelous now 18 year old (!) daughter, Self and Wild Earth Arts Co. Her other favorite projects are the sacred single mothers revolution, god goddess reunion, earthheaven gospel choir and traveling temple, and girl power wisdom society.  Painting, writing (and living) her own fat naked womans bible is so rich.(see glossary) She loves Goddae, Life and her family of friends very much.. She is graciously birthing her outcome of selling 100,000 prayer flags, circulating plentiful love dollars & blessings. With her divine wealth  she will  fund an earthheaven permaculture village with her tribe on a tropical island... (see wish list!) 

Thanks Be to all the spirit beings who help so much and the holy santas of fat naked woman's church... you are the living treasures. Bless all these earth heaven seeds : Jakua and Davey ray. Kundalini Kimberlya.  Grandma Aja and Uncle ty..: Thank you dear christina for being our digital goddess..Andrea, Aalwyn and Aria, Bernadette and Baba Karen, The Bizvic angels, Crea and Kim, grandma Diane, and Diane Ray, the Dare, Diana and Faith, Lise, Phee and Pea, Mary, Mandaza and Garuda, Shelly, Theresa and the sacred single mothers.. Mount Maxwell and Spirit lake, Sweat Lodge and Native American Church, Sara, Sue Earle our wild earth goddess sewer!) and the wild women of womens camp... the goddesses and gods of Kauai, Saltspring island, Hornby island, Costa rica and the Kootenays... The magnificent artists...Pixie Johnson, Liliana Kleiner, Amarah Gabriel, Corre Alice, Lori Demarre (and all  holy artists everywhere.). Business angels and allies.. Damien! website angel!.. My beloved teacher Bob Stevens...All the soulful hempsters, metaphysical stores and kindred people who have supported and welcomed our work. thank you eco vigor, Ahana and great blessings to the women at the factory who do all the manual labor to bring these flags to life... same to the excellent workers at Victoria Bindery. And lastly, heartfelt apologies to Earth for the usage of paper, plastic and chemicals in the process to create this project... may we soon discover new and fully benevolent ways of production...

encouraging our reverent feelings and gratitude for the Living World;

mutual blessings and prosperous exchange with all our business relations

participation in the return of natural wealth, including women’s, and into a reality of artists honored and thriving!

contagious reclaiming of Goddess well-being, and freedom

nourishing our global community with artful living...

Sheya Jordan Grace Wind

Wild Earth Arts Co. is a love based business with a passionate belief in the power of evolutionary art to create personal and cultural healing…

We are inspired to share our magical, useful gifts according to our quadruple bottom line: planet, people, pleasure and profit. 

Our visionary business goals of service include:







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