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All images ©2004 Wild Earth Arts Co. All rights reserve

Healing wisdom from the Divine Girl Child to you

Jakua began saying amazing things when she was three. We would be walking in the woods or fighting and miserable and she would startle me with words of such wisdom and clarity that I would sometimes laugh in mid-yell. This went on for two years before I realized I had to start writing this down! I began scribbling her spontaneous teachings and poems when she turned six.

Jakua is now 18 years old. She continues to be an amazing brilliant person and plans to turn the world around as a genius writer and earthheaven prophet. You can contact her through our website email ...

Recycled Paper
21 page chapbook

Excerpts from Jakua’s Secret Spirit Poems

within your dignity happens to be what you are

now we are together

and this is the most beauty ever -

when it comes to life,

when god the creator comes to you

she will help us to breathe

and to be free

any part of you can know this

and come to life again.

this family is what counts,

and all your feelings

coming home to your self

don’t worry if you are sad,
angry or afraid.
it is instructive:
this black moon light

god is beautiful

she is bald

and wrinkly

with rainbows

earth is laughing

and a little child

gives birth to her mother

the spirit god is living in you
be quiet be slow
take care of what’s inside you
don’t cut down the trees
don’t throw garbage
don’t be mean to the goddess inside
in you and in me
love wants to be
love doesn’t always want to be good


You! you look out your window

and see the wishing star?

it’s time.

wish to be the artist of your life

mother inside you

prays of the prayer

mother inside us


where the roses grow

the crickets grow

the stars grow

the animals grow

and even the people

(there are ones who never forget

we are a FAMILY)

when the trees and fruit are talking

and whenever you try to be a real (God) person

I love you


All images ©2004 Wild Earth Arts Co. All rights reserve