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Art & Prayers of Michael Leunig

The path to your door

Is the path within:

Is made by animals,

Is lined by flowers,

Is lined by thorns,

Is stained with wine,

Is lit by the lamp of sorrowful dreams:

Is washed with joy,

Is swept by grief,

Is blessed by the lonely traffic of art:

Is known by heart,

Is known by prayer,

Is lost and found,

Is always strange,

The path to your door.

Michael Leunig

Let us pray for wisdom. Let us pause from thinking and empty our mind. Let us stop the noise. In the silence let us listen to our heart. The heart which is buried alive. Let us be still and wait and listen carefully. A sound from deep below. A faint cry. A weak tapping from within. The cry for help.
We shall rescue the entombed heart. We shall bring it to the surface, to the light and air. We shall nurse it and listen to its story. The heart’s story of pain and suffocation, of darkness and yearning. We shall help our feelings to live in the sun. Together again we shall find relief and joy.

What is a myn anyways?

Radical feminists claimed the word womyn to  clarify  removal of woman  from “man” as patriarchal  reality.. myn are the awakened men of our world  naming their selves away from the separated anti life program of men..

Myn is a new word my friend zach shared with me and has become a big understanding and experience in my Life…

Once I got it about myn, I began meeting them everywhere.. I believe the myn are a key in our collective transformation as humanity… deeply important for many reasons..

The powerful effect of fathering/ brothering.. as a bridge for men making the transition..

The  hope for our beloved sons..

The return of healthy self love and honor for male being, healing the deep pain of  being the gender identified with perpetrators and exploiters

Answering the  call of many goddess ( womens) hearts for god myn) true love partners..


Myn are: emotionally willing/ people who feel.. they cry, they admit , they own and they are safe haven for women children and other men to feel with.

Myn are people who are safe for and sensitive to children.

Have a light in their eyes

Myn have a lovingness with their brothers, and often engage in mens circles and ceremony.

Care deeply about Life. They are pro-diversity, pro –truth, pro peace and often activists...

Myn are huggers and affectionate..they cover the range of positive sexual orientation

Myn are so ready to redeem the ugliness of  unconscious and abusive male history  into current beauty, justice and service now

They are magnificent  babies and young boys in our midst  who bring in a new and loving way of being

Myn are listeners..Myn are doing their share of the house work, the emotional work and the love work

Myn take fathering very much to heart.

Myn have healthy testosterone and mojo!

They are courageous. They stand up.,. willing to face and deal with what is and make new choices.

They are morphing, and very active learners.

Myn carry the dream of earth restored, and global community

They are here, spanning the whole sapectrum in age, race and lifestyles.. and  our myn population is growing!

Ps.. if a man secretly or openly desires to be a true myn.. he will be. For certain. Tho he may have to move thru a lot to really have himself.

Blessings, blessings, blessings to all our myn, and all who will become myn.

We love you so much.


Happy and aligned with the One are those who find their home in the breathing; to them belong the inner kindom of heaven.

Blessed are those in emotional turmoil; they shall be united inside by Love.

Healed are those who bear the fruit of sympathy and safety for all: they shall hasten the coming of God’s new creation

Healed are those who weep for their frustrated desire; they shall see the face of fulfillment in a new form.

Tuned to the source are those who shine from the deepest places in their bodies. Upon them shall be the rays of universal love.

Blessed are those who from their inner wombs, birth mercy; they shall feel it’s warm arms embrace them.

Healed are those who devote themselves to the link of spirit; the design of the universe is rendered through their form.

Integrated, resisting corruption are those who have dissolved heavy morality within; they shall be open to receive the splendor of Earth’s fruits.

Tuned to the soulforce are those persecuted for trying to right society’s balance: to them belongs the coming queendom and kingdom (kindom).

Healed are those who have the courage and audacity to feel abundant inside; they shall envision the furthest extent of Life’s wealth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for physical justice/righteousness;they shall be surrounded by what is needed to sustain their bodies.

Healthy are those who turn their mouths to receive a new birth of universal stability, they shall be encircled by the birth of a new society.

Healed are those who extend a long heartfelt breath wherever needed; they shall feel the heat of cosmic ardor.

Aligned with the One are those who prepare the ground for all tranquil gatherings; they shall become fountains of livingness.

All who are enraptured, saying inspired things- who produce on the inside what the spirit has given them within.

It is the sign of the prophets and prophetesses to feel the disunity around them intensely.

( compilation of a new translation of Jesus’ words/ the beatitudes, from the original Aramaic...my apologies for not knowing the name of the translator)

Experiences of FNW Church

How is a church not a church? Like any church, there is serious testifying, serious speaking of "the word" by all who attend a gathering of "two or more". But there are no church leaders, there is no tithe expected, there are no rules, no sinners or saints (just santas - those beloved of Her), no intentional guilting of "wrongdoers", no predetermined, lone empowered figure stepping up to preach a sermon. And what is the word? Anything from the gut, or from deep in the heart, spoken or shouted, supporting the Mother Principle. Anybody in FNW church can stand in "the pulpit" and be the preacher.

In FNW Church you or I can testify in pure sound. It's usually not pretty, well ordered, thought-out, or pre-planned. It can be tearing, agonized screams or cries of emotional pain, witnessed and validated by others present. It can be rage pouring forth in forms that do not hurt anyone but instead allow the wolf to finally get OUT. It can be terror expressing and becoming love and trust instead of being gotten rid of by cutting off scared parts, as we've always done before because we didn't know any different. It can be grief that never seems to end, but instead finds loving arms and soft validation.

Churching means I can be all of myself in a group of people. How priceless is that? I don't get to be that in nearly all other groups I participate with. I get to be vulnerable, funny, weak, powerful, wild, restrained, empathetic, responsible and reckless. Contradictory! Nobody tells me to shut up. Nobody says I have to be consistent or else I am not following the rules. I have been in the depths of despair and in outbursts of ecstasy and communion with the group, silent or spoken. It all gets to be. We are building the bridge from hell to heaven, and in church, we need the whole magilla in order to do that.

My fellow churchgoers are men and women, speaking Earth's pain, Her need, Her vibration, Her longing for a loving touch from Spirit, Her wisdom composed of hard-earned truths. Speaking in forms inherent with all the chaos and wild variability that we see reflected in Nature and in the paradox that is the planet Herself. Sensations and emotions. Uncertainty and surety. Intuition and desire. All are welcome within the ceremonial doors.

To be in Fat Naked Woman Church, you need only bring everything to the table, and refrain from shutting anyone else down when they are testifying. The ever-evolving "membership" is REDicated from our roots to restoring Her place in the Pantheon alongside His.

Excerpt from Kabir's Song by Bernadette White

"My Dear Rose Garden Girl - ... What ever you do - Never advertise Fat Naked Womens Church. Apart from the likelihood- it's already happened- of getting confused with the musical group, we also become confused with religion, people who have problems being fat, or female. Promise me ...

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Sheya’s Glossary


A magic new word expressing the reunion in us of these two energies ..( as in breathing, as in loving, as in how all of nature works.. give receiving..our mode of healthy self care and relations

Ae ( pronounced ah-ee) another new god word, for expressing presence of Life here in Us, when praying for the I who is also we, our one self, connected to true self  in all people and our world. Example… “Beloved Us IS Presence I thank you for your Life Energy and all you are constantly giving AE”

Myn.. new word for the awesome  conscious and whole masculine Self. See what a myn anyways? (see writing below)


Conscious Living Language.., pure speech,  language of our hearts, way of  committed listening, and  speaking which is: positive, conscious, honest, direct, first person personal,  specific , creational ( out come oriented)  and spoken with feeling.)

Verbs of conscious language.. I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I CHOOSE, I HAVE, I LOVE, I CREATE, I ENJOY (God’s verbs)

Words spoken with specificity and feeling= manifestation

This is a brief description :  for deeper understanding visit Bob Stevens www.masterysystems.com


Earthheaven Church..

Our own Love consciousness and nature, returned fully and experienced as LIFE in our beautiful world. Our world healed, our human species reconnected in our divinity,our paradizing words, thoughts feelings actions, our thriving creation family, our full spectrum bridge of light visible here for all. Ecotopia !!! includes and honors Fat Naked Woman Church, and yet is so much bigger, being  universal home for all who will Love.

Fat - greatness, largeness and substance of Life, spacious, vast

Naked- true essence, natural being, translucent, sincere, what is Real

Woman- holy givers of life, goddesses, source, embodiment of Love

Church- every day gospel experience and process of Life ; elemental home made aliveness religion, true self expression and sharing.

Places and practices- Life.. Personal prayer process. Breathing deeply. Expanding listening and seeing (inwardly, with each other & nature), Where we feel freely and fully. Gifting/giving back to the land. Altar building. Transformational creativity and sanctuary. Dancing in the divine. Poetry time. Big and small adventures. Passionate painting and play with art supplies. Loving. Resting / sacred sloth. Creational choices. The music. Longing. Crying and comforting. Howling. Lusty laughing. To the core truth telling. Deep hugs. Worshipful walks. Learning. Devotional self care. Reading delicious books. Sincere rituals & singing. Life changing massages. Forest time. Fasting and nourishment practices. Conscious cooking and feasts. True Self Community. Surprises. Honoring rythyms, cycles& fears. Where service is joyful. Sacred swims. Erotic celebrations and orgasmic openings. Artful activism .Heartbreaks and heart healings. Help in the darkness. Room for many kinds of truths. Safe healing room for screaming, rages and rants. Reverently imbibing sacramental wisdom plants. Empathic gardening. Being with favorite beloved people; evolutionary friendships with elders/children, animals, soul mates. Like rumi said..

       "friend sits by friend

        the tablets appear

        they read the mysteries

        from each others foreheads.."

also honest revolution gatherings, and deliberate revivals. Often happens in the bathtub, at the beach or other outdoor shrines etc. Wherever we intend it or let it reach us.

New God words; Us Is...I Am... Creation Family, the immanent family of Life, each moment GodGoddess, Goddae (the many of God), Fat Naked Woman, Old Woman, Divine Girl Child, the Art Spirit..( some friends worship fat naked woman as earth, others call her the dark one, big mom or us... it seems best and most real to find our own dearest faces and names for God)

The Kindom- Earthheaven.- the unstoppable healing of our world, the revival of life honoring culture, unified renewal and evolution of god/ goddess and humanity with nature. Dissolving of the patriarchal kingdom, our right place and relationship with all creatures...

Wombunity - the glory and belonging of female community and will to heal, our magic and greatness as we be our true selves, healing catalyst of sister realms.(* crea starfire's word)

The-Love-In-Men - amazing global movement of healing men, deep practitioners of sacred fathering , brothering, and lovering . this beautiful new generation of earthheaven boys..yes!

(in both these realms and more journey blessed man/woman people; transgender , hermaphrodite and other sacred explorers of gender and wholeness..)

The Tear - the power of our longing nature towards reunion, the immense physical, emotional, spiritual magic of our deepest true cries: transformative vibration of grief- reclaiming our sacred emotional bodies, sensitivity and movement.. (Bernadette white's word)

Nearby - both verb and noun, describing the calling power of our longing for love, calling in the spirits, bringing them nearby. A verb to pray in... " please...nearby me grandmothers."

Love power - the reclamation and consecration of our personal power and birth right of earth belonging and abundance, connected to our wills and their magnetic power to call in hearts desires, and the let go muscle as well, the ability to release what needs to go. This.can manifest in many forms:

Love dollars - the blessing of money and magic, accepted. (see more in love dollar opportunities.)


Hearts desire - the core of internal leadership also "pick and choose" and "I accept my divine desire to...") the longing and ability to live our true dreams and purpose. Soulful, natural conscious magnetism.

Embodiment - the cellular homecoming of our innate health and beauty, the end of hating how we look, currents of Life flowing through us, the return of radiant self acceptance and feeling in all of our bodies. Brings gifts like: recovery in all the senses, light in the eyes, and deep long gazing, access to inner guidance with the ability to be a grounded conduit for the energy of Goddae...

The Clean - how it feels to recover from self-harming patterns and places, moving away from harmful people, substances, behaviours, foods - abuse of all kinds

Self-first - a rewrite of the insult selfish, integration of inner elders and loving self-parenting, a praising of the virtues of self care, releasing the cruel spell of guilt, people pleasing and toxic care taking of other , deep reunion of our spirit and will into embodied heart.. (Peter Cloud Panjoyah's word)

Speaking the Word..a frequent church experience.. profound moments of coming full into voice..the power of expressing hidden needed truths into safe space.. life-changing healing conversations

Mary/ Maria.. our name for the holy mother plant marijuana.. our practice has been calling on her, praying with feeling & intent before taking her in carefully and ceremonially as a spirit/sensual medicine. (no offense meant to catholic people, or folks in recovery from substance abuse..)

Ahana - new word for thanks, to hold the intensity of grateful feeling - thank you just doesn't seem to carry ( like gracias, merci, mahalo.. melodic love full words)

Grandmavittle - imaginary and real healing temple, to replace hospitals and institutions especially good for natural breakdowns.. where there is warmth, light, acceptance, healing soup, herbal medicine, initiations, organic food and juices, kindness, deep encouragement and permission to feel and do what is needed for healing.. (art, naps, hugs, primal crying, befriending , truthtelling, etc) a place where the grandma spirits and people could reside in balance.

Behoming - ultimate healing holy acceptance process of bringing home all of self, the work of ending denial and reclaiming our wholeness, finding our right place - inside and out... art and practice of Self Love


Temple… a word to  vibrate our sexual purity; of Goddae’s pure love feeling mind,  how  our sexual selves feel behomed in  Divine Love..


Breasting.. a new verb for the HOLY magic of  our breasts , and how they may be applied to our selves and  people we love for healing.. laying our hands, face, and any places in pain on loving breasts. Using the healing rays which emanate from conscious breasts. ( I have a vision of breasting replacing the consumer commercial culture, especially the one of coffee bars and cigarettes.. displaced oral addictions.. ) instead we return to the  simple and pure desire for BREASTS of LOVE.

Fat Naked Woman's Church is an experiential, evolving temple of heart, unique to each being who creates their own ways of devotion with the living world. For me it is rooted in natural divinity and healing intent; I have found her in the depths of my own living and reaching for a path that feels right. Fat Naked Woman's Church is so many things...

  1. *Bringing the Goddess Home: free will revivals, full spectrum emotional sanctuary, spirit/body reunion, love for naked truths, for artful moments, for divine process
    * Recovery from denial, disconnection, depression and self hate
    *A healing portal of aliveness, creativity and inner/ outer Love expression
    * Where very young children and animals live...a contagious vibration of freedom and wholeness of self
    * A bonding with the planet and growing in Love with where we live (Ultimately into transforming the insane toxic nightmare of the modern world) ... Ecotopian
    * A passionate celebration & honoring of female being and friendship...my experience is mainly with how worship happens when women get real together...it is not gender exclusive though- men of heart naturally know how to make church. There are women who have no desire to know fat naked woman . Church always invites deep healing between all who participate.) "when the wound between women is healed there will be healing between men and women. With this healing between men and women, the children will be healed. When the wounds of our children our healed, our communities will heal. When our communities heal, our whole world will be healed." This was a quote I heard from a native prophecy (my apologies for not knowing the source) These words helped me understand the primal importance of women's healing and the potency of church anew. Not to in any way to denigrate maleness or encourage judgment or disunity. They reflect my own experience... how as women the sacredness& safety we can create and become together is for the good of all.
    * Crosses all lines of color, class, ethnicity, age etc... Harms none
    * Organic holistic no tuition education
    * Carrying the seed and songs of what is holy to us
    * Being and becoming human Goddesses and Gods
    * All about permission; accepting/shining our true colors, living our dreams, myths, gifts and greatness
    * Where the Grand mother spirits preside
    * Space in which/ ways we come to Life...sacred safety for releasing pain and opening to Loving Light
    * Different all the time: sometimes very focused, frequently hilarious, wild, energizing...is often edgy. It is always soulful. There is always a grace.
    * Present in all the intense mystery thresholds: birth, making love, big life moments, death
    * Personalized, catalyzing contact with the Goddess (goddae) available alone & with others
    * Every day Life moving with Spirit
    * Living by divine desire, doing what we need to do, being who we really are
    * A spoof on a culture that hates fat, realness and the feminine, a recovery of goddess space and what is usually thrown away in the world of mainstream religion... making up our own values and gospel
    * Finding and following your guidance, receiving inwardly
    * Blessings from and for the belly (and all wisdom of body)
    * Only if you choose it
    * Hopefully an inspiration for people to make up their own names and love ways with the sacred...

  2. *Please feel very free to email with your own fat naked stories and art. Thank you!

"Art now- No more war-That Beauty may prevail on Earth" (slogan for the foundation for the law of time...ahana, thank you for this).